Multiwavelength Observations of the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey Field

Kyoto, Japan, Jun 3-5, 2004

Scientific Organizing Committee:Mike Watson (Leicester : XMM/SSC), Masanori Iye (NAOJ : SXDS), Kaz Sekiguchi (Subaru : SXDS), Steve Warren (ICL : UKIDSS), Omar Almaini (Nottingham : UKIDSS/UDS), Jim Dunlop (Edinburgh : SHADES), Steve Rawlings (Oxford : Radio), Chris Simpson (Durham : SXDS)

Local Organizing Committee: Toru Yamada (NAOJ), Masayuki Akiyama (Subaru Telescope)

Final announcement

This is the final (hopefully) announcement of the "Multiwavelength SXDF
Workshop (Kyoto, June 3-5)".

For those of you visiting from the overseas, here is the emergency contact
number during the period of June 1 -5.

----- 090-4546-4275 ---

If you had any problem, please call this number.

As we announced earlier, we are planning to have a "Workshop Dinner"
@"Ganko Takasegawa Nijyo-Enn" ( ) on Friday,
June 4 at 19:00. This is a Japanese style dinner. The cost of the dinner is
7,000 yen /head (inclusive of all drinks).
Sign up for the dinner at the registration desk.

We are looking forward to meet you at the workshop in Kyoto soon.


-Kaz Sekiguchi
May 27, 2004


Multiwavelength Observations of the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey Field

Kyoto, Japan, Jun 3-5, 2004


The conference will be held at Kyodai-Kaikan. The talks will each be 30 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions. Some contributed talks will each be 10 - 20 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions. Poster sessions will be held in the main session room (on the walls!), and will be available for viewing throughout the conference



June 3 (Thursday)

09:30 Tea & Coffee
09:50 Welcome 
09:55 Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey (Introduction) [K. Sekiguchi]
Session I: Results and status of the on-going observation programs.
10:10 X-ray data in the SXDX [Y. Ueda]
10:40 Multi-color photomeric catalogs based on Suprime-Cam imaging data [H. Furusawa]
11:10 Emergence of Type-2 QSOs ? (Optical Spectroscopy) [M. Akiyama]
11:40 Near Infrared Imaging of SXDS field [T. Takata]
12:10 Lunch
13:40 Summary of JCMT/SCUBA (SHADES) program [C. Simpson]
14:10 A radio view of the SXDS [S. Rawlings]
14:20 Initial follow-up of radio sources in the SXDS [C. Simpson]
14:50 Tea & Coffee
Session II: Review & results of on going survey projects
15:20 GOODS [Lexi Moustakas]
15:50 The HST COSMOS Project [Y. Taniguchi]
16:20 SWIRE: the Spitzer Wide-Area Infrared Extragalactic Survey [D. Farrah]
16:50 Large-Area Infrared Extragalactic survey with ASTRO-F [H. Matsuhara]
17:20 End of the 1st day

June 4 (Friday)

9:00 Tea & Coffee
Session III: Results and status of current research topics
09:30 Survey for Large-Scale Structures at z=3-6 in the SXDS Field [M. Ouchi]
10:00 Galaxy Evolution in SXDS from z=4 to z= 1 [T. Yamada]
10:30 Galaxy Evolution as Functions of Environment and Mass [T. Kodama]
11:00 "X-ray selected clusters of galaxies in the SXDS" [M. Watson]
11:20 The angular correlation function of the X-ray sources [G. Stewart]
11:35 Galaxy Formation [M.Nagashima]
12:05 Lunch
13:30 Photometric view of the cosmic distribution of submm galaxies [I. Aretxaga]
14:00 SED Diagnostics of Submm Bright Galaxies: Origin of Spheroids [H. Hanami]
14:30 X-ray evidence that monsters reside in SCUBA galaxies [David Alexander]
15:00 Tea & Coffee
15:30 Deep Search for Supernovae and Cosmic Star Formation History [T. Oda]
16:00 Systematic Survey of Extended Lyman alpha Sources at z~3-5 [T. Saito]
16:30 Discussion
17:00 End of the 2nd day
19:00 Workshop Dinner (Japanese style dinner)

June 5 (Saturday)

09:00 Tea & Coffee
Session IV: New and planned observation programs
09:30 GALEX [B. Madore]
10:00 Subaru/FMOS [K. Ohta]
10:30 UKIDSS/UDS [O. Almaini]
11:00 Subaru/MOIRCS [T. Ichikawa] 
11:30 ALMA: Current project status and the ALMA Deep Field [S. Sakamoto]
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Balloon-borne (BLAST) and ground-based (LMT) observations of the SXDF [D. Hughes]
14:10 GMRT [S. Rawlings]
14:30 Discussion
15:00 Tea & Coffee
Session V: Data issues (data archive, data access)
15:30 SXDS database and Japanese Virtual Observatory [Y. Shirasaki]
16:00 Summary & Discussion
16:30 End of the 3rd day

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