Hale Pohaku Reservation
Room and meal preference

Room Request
Dorm B
Meal Requirement
Veg-1 :will eat only vegetable and fruit (Vegan)
Dorm B 1st Floor
Veg-2 :will also eat dairy products
Dorm B 2nd Floor
Veg-3 :will also eat all the above plus fish
Dorm B Even
Veg-4 :will also eat all the above and chicken
Dorm B Odd
Veg-5 :added restrictions : Example allergic to seafood, strawberries etc.
Dorm C
Dorm C 1st Floor
Dorm C 2nd Floor
Dorm C Even
Dorm C Odd
Dorm D
Dorm D 1st Floor
Dorm D 2nd Floor
Dorm D Even
Dorm D Odd