• As of S16A, Suprime-Cam will be offered for open use in a shared-risk mode. If serious failure happens, the operation might be terminated at the time. Suprime-Cam will be only available in the periods around the new moon when HSC is not attached to the telescope. Thus the number of Suprime-Cam runs during a semester will be considerably small. In S16A, the Suprime-Cam run is scheduled to be allocated only in May.

  • Acceptance of new user filters has been closed.

  • Suprime-Cam might be decommissioned and unavailable from S16B.


The Subaru Prime Focus Camera (Suprime-Cam) is a mosaic of ten 2048 x 4096 CCDs, located at the prime focus of Subaru Telescope, which covers a 34' x 27' field of view with a pixel scale of 0.20''.

When referring to Suprime-Cam in a paper, please use the following citation.



Data Analysis

An example of data reduction packages for Suprime-Cam named 'SDFRED1' (for MIT CCD data) and 'SDFRED2' (for Hamamatsu FDCCD data) are introduced in the webpages below.

Further information

Questions regarding Suprime-Cam should be directed to Tsuyoshi Terai ( Please note that all numbers on these pages are subject to change as the performance of Suprime-Cam is better determined.

15 July 2015

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