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Galaxy Interaction Remnants

The Ghostly Remnants of Galaxy Interactions Uncovered in a Nearby Galaxy Group

August 4, 2015

Astronomers used HSC on the Subaru Telescope to cover a large area toward M81 with neighboring M82 and NGC 3077 galaxies and successfully resolved the distribution of the young stars...


Densest Galaxies

Hiding in Plain Sight: Undergraduates Discover the Densest Galaxies Known

July 27, 2015

Discoveries of the two compact galaxies that are the densest known will shed light on the missing link between the massive globular clusters and the ultra-compact dwarf galaxies...





Status of the Telescope

October 25, 2013

Since the coolant leak onto the primary mirror in July, 2011, Subaru Telescope has taken a series of diligent steps to assure its full recovery. Recovery work has included meticulous inspection and cleaning of the affected areas. Follow-up efforts concluded during the summer of 2013, when the primary mirror was thoroughly cleaned, realuminized, and inspected. Given the significant impact of the leak, the telescope engineering and science operation divisions remain vigilant in ensuring the effective operation of the telescope and its instruments. Subaru Telescope continues to give special attention to the careful design, installation, and monitoring of its equipment.


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